Staying Comfy August

It's Staying Comfy time again at 1 Homeschool.

Summer's nearly gone, but one thing that we enjoy for a light snack lunch is sandwiches,
I especially like roast beef with Swiss cheese.

Mikayla likes to make the Subway style sandwiches at home. She gets the long hoagie type bread, and splits it down the middle. She puts lots of different thin deli sliced meats on it, what ever kind of cheese we have, and tops it all with LOTS of ranch dressing. I like sandwiches for the summer because you don't have to heat the kitchen by cooking something hot. You can have ice cold watermelon or berries for dessert, and it's the perfect summer lunch.

We are actually on our last "spurt" of vacation. Our school will start Aug. 18th. So next week we'll be adding the finishing touches to our homeschool area, and getting books and curriculum all in there ready to go.

We are "working on" getting to bed earlier. We'll be working on that more next week. To get to sleep sometimes the kids watch a movie, with the lights and sound low. I sometimes listen to audio books with headphones while falling asleep. You can get books online several places. Audio Books For Free is one. I especially enjoy the Sherlock Holmes mysteries read by a man with a British accent.
Thanks for reading.
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  1. I enjoy reading your meme. Sounds like everything is falling into place for homeschool. I wish you great success with it this year. Enjoy your day. God bless. Aunt B