Staying Comfy July

It's Summer Party time!
Aunt B from Aunt B's Homespun Tales is hosting this month's Staying Comfy. Her theme is

What's more fun than a party, and what better season to party in than summer?

There are lots of ways to decorate for a summer party. You can use a beach theme. Have it at a pool or at the beach if you're close enough. You could even plan a beach party inside. Use shells, beach towels, flip flops. etc to decorate.

Then there's the good old American summer party, complete with barbecue grill, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and watermelon. Red and white checked table covers, and lots of games like horseshoes, volleyball and Croquet. You can "go all out" or just keep it simple. The most important thing is that you and your guests are comfy and have a good time.

The problems with outside parties in the summer, is of course the heat. Then there are the bugs. The flies come uninvited to the day parties, and the mosquitoes show up for the night ones.
Here's a link to 5 plants that are said to repel mosquitoes. (It has some ads)

I guess one of the funnest ones, is to wait till evening, build up a big old fire, and roast some wieners and marshmellows! Around here we call that a "weeny-roast". It's cooler in the evening, and the mosquitoes don't much like the smoke. Of course no campfire scene is complete without a story or two. Not too scary though! :)

Here's a link to some good summer appetizers to liven up your next summer party.

Thanks for reading, and thanks Aunt B for hosting.
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  1. Hey, I like the idea with campfire. I'm gonna be thinking about that one myself. It sounded so good. When I get it all planned out, you and yours are invited. Good post. I like the links you added.