Staying Comfy: March

It's the March edition of the monthly meme "Staying Comfy".
We celebrate Saint Patrick's Day by doing activities online, and making crafts, though we haven't made as many this time. YET!
We talk about the history of Saint Patrick's Day. I personally like this holiday, since my favorite color is GREEN.
I like that Saint Patrick used the shamrock
with it's 3 heart shaped leaves to show the trinity of the God head.
We're making some later this week in homeschool for our bulletin board. I may post pictures.

I usually decorate the house more for Easter. I LOVE this holiday. Since it celebrates the base of Christianity. Jesus ROSE from the grave! He defeated death hell and the grave.
We usually color eggs, as a symbol of the new birth that's made possible by Jesus' death and resurrection.
We usually try to get the kids some new Easter clothes, and baskets, though they're really too old now for those. We love Easter bunny stories, and all the lovely little sweet things associated with the holiday.
I have a little ceramic Easter village that lights up. I usually put in my kitchen window. When I do that this year I may post a picture of it on my blog.
I love decorating, even though I'm not that good at it. It brightens up your home for a while.

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  1. I love those heart shaped shamrocks. I hadn't thought of making those for the kids. Thanks, I'll use that idea. This is fun. Thanks Tammy.

  2. Hi Tammy! I'm so glad you enjoyed the study I wrote on King Hezekiah. I give God all the glory!

    I have had women express an interest in me doing the study on my blog. So, I'll be beginning the study in a couple of weeks. Since you weren't able to participate much in the webinars, maybe you'll be able to stop by my blog and join in there. Just watch my blog for details as to when it will start.

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. I enjoy decorating as well. Have a lovely day.