Staying Comfy: May

The Staying Comfy for May is all about getting ready to transition from spring to summer. What do you do?
I am currently going through some clothes that are too little, or aren't worn. I don't enjoy it very much. It always gets worse before it gets better.
My hubby hasn't cleaned the grill yet, though he's been "threatening" to do some grilling, and let's don't even talk about our poor little lawn mower. It's a bit crippled right now. Lucky we've got some time off huh?
We haven't got the pool up yet. We're getting some new board games so that we can play with the kids indoors though. Gavyn has got to where he can play dominoes. He matches the colors. It's pretty fun, and He actually scores most of the time. We're pretty much through with school until Roy goes back for summer one in two weeks. We'll probably do a little more after that, and then break for summer.


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  1. Hey, I enjoyed the meme. That is so sweet about Gavyn playing dominoes. I didn't know he could play. Good for Gav. and I never thought about using colors. Good Thinking. AND ... Tell Mr Tammy to get that grill ready and invite us up! Love the picture you took at Wanda's. I love you all, enjoy the summer break.