Staying Comfy February Valentines Day

This is our second edition of Staying Comfy. It's all about Valentine's Day this month. To learn more click here.

On the week of Valentine's Day we make Valentine boxes or holders. We then make homemade valentines to give to each other. Fizz sometimes has to have help. We usually pick out some store bought valentines for kids club, or homeschool group parties. We decorate our kitchen/classroom with hearts. We fixed up our bulletin board and even our table this year.

We made some fun heart wreath/doilies we found on this Martha Stewart sight. They're SUPER fun, and so easy. You'll have to try them. She made them from napkins, but we made them from plain paper. It was a little harder to cut than napkins, but the result was a stiffer circle of hearts.
We got our, hearts in a line idea from Squigly's Playhouse.

I feel that Valentine's Day is a good time to treat family special, and let each one know you love them. It's good for the kids too, sometimes it's easier to write your feelings in a valentine card than to express them verbally.
Whether you're married to them, or just kin in someway, by blood or friendship, be sure to give that special Valentine a hug, and let them know you're glad they're in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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  1. I wish my kids were still young enough to do those fun things! The bulletin board looks great!